Quinta do Noval Colheita 2005 is op de markt

(Ingezonden bericht)

Na 13 jaar vatrijping heeft het porthuis Quinta do Noval zijn nieuwste Colheita Tawny Port op de markt gebracht: Quinta do Noval Colheita 2005. De wijn komt van de eigen wijngaard bij Quinta do Noval in Vilarinho de Cotas, ten noorden van Pinhão, waar touriga nacional, touriga franca, tinto cão, sousão en tinta roriz staat aangeplant.

Het betreft de helft van de productie uit 2005 die als tawny port op de quinta zelf op vat is gelegd. De rest van de wijn wordt in de loop der jaren na verdere rijping gebotteld.

Christian Seely, Managing Director of Quinta do Noval, geeft een toelichting:

“Colheitas are among the most seductive styles of Port wines. Quinta do Noval has a long tradition of producing outstanding Colheita Ports.

This is now the fifth Colheita that we have produced since I arrived at Quinta do Noval twenty five years ago, the others having been the 1995; the 1997; the 2000 and the 2003. Like them, the Colheita 2005 is a wine produced from grapes entirely from the vineyard of Quinta do Noval in the heart of the Douro Valley, a terroir that has been responsible for producing some of the greatest wines of the Douro for centuries. 

Produced from 100% Quinta grapes, trodden by foot in granite lagares, and aged in barrel since the harvest in our cellar at the property, the 2005 Colheita is a worthy addition to the long line of great wines that have been produced at Quinta do Noval in this way. 

This release represents about half of the wines laid down to make Colheita Port after the harvest of 2005. We are still keeping back the other half to age in barrel for several years longer, and will from time to time over the next few decades release small amounts of 2005 Colheita with even longer barrel ageing. However, we believe that the wine is showing magnificently now after 13 years in barrel, and for this reason we decided on this first release of the 2005 Colheita this year. 

The growing season in 2005 was extremely dry. From November to April there was 80% less rain than average and temperatures were high. Flowering took place in the first half of May in good conditions; summer was hot and dry, excellent for quality but resulting in very low yields. 19mm of rain finally arrived on the first week of September that helped the grapes to achieve full ripeness.

We started the harvest on the third week of September which lasted till 16th of October in very good conditions; the overall harvest was small but produced extremely colourful wines with good concentration, showing all the character of the terroir.”


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